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Bullying Prevention and Intervention

How to Solve a Problem

At St. Clare of Assisi we aim to live up to our school motto, "To be the face of Jesus and To see the Face of Jesus in everyone you meet." This is not always easy to do, since we are all human beings. In order, to deal with common human issues, anger, patience, temper, moods ect.. we use different strategies. All the primary grades have been taught to use the Tools for LIfe. Our CYW worker, Mrs. Fleming and Mrs Fuciarelli, our school social worker have worked with staff, classes and or individual students. All staff and students have been trained in Restorative Practice. This is a great tool to solve problems and for every voice to be heard. We have our Calm Keepers on the yard in the primary division and they are trained to use this tool. We also have our active recess students on the primary yard at recess. The active recess students lead games and try to build inclusion and problem solving. Situations unfortunately do arise. We have our monthly assemblies based on the Virtues of our Faith. Our primary division has Gospel Thursday every Thursday. We use progressive discipline. We keep the Gospel values at the forefront and aim to solve problems as Jesus would want us to.

Resiliance is Key